Best Coworking Spaces In Preston UK

Best Coworking Spaces In Preston

Looking for the best coworking spaces in Preston, UK? You have come to the right place. Preston is a vibrant city, with a thriving business community, and plenty of great coworking spaces to choose from. In this article, we will explore some of the top coworking spaces in Preston and discuss the benefits they offer.Read on to learn more!

Definition of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces, sometimes called shared working environments, are offices and work areas designed to be shared by multiple independent professionals or entrepreneurs. The idea of coworking is to provide a space for select professionals who need a comfortable and inspiring place to work outside of their home office. Coworking can often be more cost-effective than traditional office space as the associated costs such as services and utilities are split amongst the co-workers. Coworking spaces typically have communal areas where professionals can meet and collaborate, often with additional resources such as high-speed internet access, private phone booths, printing and photocopying facilities, meeting rooms and other amenities.
The popularity of coworking has increased rapidly in recent years due to changes in technology making remote collaboration easier than ever before. In Preston UK there are many great options when it comes to finding a coworking space fit for your needs. Whether it’s within walking distance of home or further out if you’re looking to network with other professionals in the area, here are some essential tips on what’s available around Preston UK that could suit your professional needs at a variety of price points:

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, but also increasingly an entire building or multiple aside from a business incubator or shared space provider. Such workspaces are typically shared by individuals from different organizations and disciplines who are freelancers, remote workers, independent professionals, and entrepreneurs.
Coworking spaces offer a unique set of advantages to their members:
– Increased productivity: Coworking spaces enable their members to be productive by providing them with high-speed internet access and access to software. Coworkers can also network with each other to discuss topics of interest or other work related issues.
– Reduced costs: It is often cheaper for coworkers to move into coworking spaces than it is for their own office or workspace. The costs associated with utilities such as electricity and heating are reduced significantly when they share the same space with others. Furthermore, members have the flexibility to come in any time they need as opposed to needing to work around typical office hours.
– Accessibility: Companies based in coworking spaces often benefit from the accessibility that comes with being located near plentiful transport links and key locations in the city such as shopping centers, airports etc. Furthermore, many companies can benefit from services such as car parking which increases convenience for employees while they travel outside of working hours.
– Community Building: Coworking spaces provide an excellent opportunity for members to come together and build lasting professional relationships which may lead to collaborations down the line. Such connections made among coworking members can help create opportunities around knowledge sharing and collective thinking thereby improving workplace morale and team dynamics in an organization.

List of Coworking Spaces in Preston

If you’re looking for the best coworking spaces in Preston, then you’ve come to the right place. Preston has a wide range of coworking spaces to choose from, with a variety of amenities, services and prices. We’ve rounded up the top coworking spaces in the city, to help you find the right option for you. So let’s get into it!

The Work Hub

The Work Hub is a coworking space in Preston, Lancashire that offers freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads the opportunity to work in a creativity-boosting environment. This recently refurbished workspace offers stylish and modern spaces that promote collaboration and innovation. Along with its professional setting, members benefit from regular networking opportunities with other coworkers for guidance and mentoring on their projects.
Members at The Work Hub have access to unlimited high-speed internet, conference rooms with projectors, flipcharts and whiteboards for brainstorming sessions as well as private office pods for quiet focused work. There are also refreshment areas complete with coffee machines for taking a break from your busy day. The front desk staff are also always available to help members book conference rooms or provide assistance as needed.
Overall, The Work Hub is an ideal space where office hours become more enjoyable and productive with the power of networking combined with the best working environment in Preston. With affordable prices and accessible locations, this workspace gives passionate professionals the right setting to collaborate and grow their ideas.

The Creative Collective

The Creative Collective is one of the best coworking spaces in Preston, UK. This space was created specifically to foster creativity, collaboration and innovation through the world of modern coworking. Located in the city centre, it provides an inspiring environment with a team of friendly and helpful staff. Amenities include comfortable seating areas, high-speed Wi-Fi and adjustable workstations to suit all your needs. The on-site cafe serves delicious healthy food and drinks as well as catering for any specific diet needs. It’s perfect for freelancers, small businesses or anyone looking to get away from their home office. There are also a range of regular events such as networking sessions and workshops to help you make meaningful connections that could help grow your business. All memberships come with access to meeting rooms, training rooms, events and plenty more benefits so you can be sure The Creative Collective has something for everyone!

The Hive Preston

The Hive Preston is conveniently located in the heart of Preston’s City Centre and has colorful, creative design and is the perfect workspace for any small business. The bright open plan space benefits from natural light with plenty of breakouts, flexible desk rental options, and private offices allowing members to be inspired.
In addition to providing a fantastic working hub they also offer other services such as expert mentoring which allows members to access experienced business professionals who can provide practical advice on a range of topics including starting a business and developing your products or services. There are also regular events being run at The Hive covering a variety of topics designed to help people start a successful business such as café conversations, Pitch Club and Maker’s Night Out.
At The Hive you can enjoy ample parking for your convenience, awesome coffee from local coffee shops along with other amenities like bike racks, lockers, meeting rooms, printers & scanners and super fast fiber internet connection with Wi-Fi & wired access.
The Hive Preston provides hot desks & dedicated desks available on flexible terms from as little as one day up to 12 months plus – ideal for new startups or growing businesses that need more space when working remotely – making it one of the best coworking spaces in Preston UK.

The Base Preston

The Base Preston provides small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, home workers and large corporate companies with 64 high-specification private office spaces, as well as shared workspace areas spread across four floors.
Designed to create a working environment that inspires productivity and wellbeing, The Base Preston offers a range of facilities including spacious meeting rooms, breakout areas and modern kitchen facilities. The 24/7 staffed reception helps to make the daily lives of members simple and stress free.
In addition to this its co-working space provides remote teams with comfortable seating and the option of flexible memberships options for both short and long term requirements – giving you maximum access at great value. This collaborative working environment encourages networking opportunities whilst inspiring creative ideas by providing a knowledgeable community atmosphere that supports your work aspirations.
Whether you’re looking for complete privacy or an area to spark engagement with fellow coworkers, The Base Preston’s unique combination of workspaces is ideal for any situation – helping you be your most productive in any environment.


Finding the perfect coworking space can be challenging, but with the right amenities, it can be well worth it. When it comes to coworking spaces in Preston UK, there are a variety of amenities that can make a space stand out from the rest. From quiet areas to private offices and more, let’s look into the amenities that you can expect from the best coworking spaces in Preston UK.


High-speed Wifi should be a necessity for any coworking space. Good connection is an essential requirement to enable people to do their work efficiently. Certain coworking spaces may provide better wifi than others, particularly if they are in an area with better coverage or have their own dedicated internet connection. Look out for desks with ethernet ports and contact the space owner to find out more if unsure.
Other amenities may include unlimited refreshments, kitchens, private booths or phone booths, or access to soundproof meeting rooms and breakout areas. Some coworking spaces also offer exclusive use of a meeting room or office. See what’s available in order to fully benefit from the selection of amenities provided by the space where you will work from.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are essential components of quality coworking spaces. Not only do they enable active collaboration between members, but also provide a professional atmosphere for hosting clients or potential business partners. The Coworking in Preston UK offers an array of meeting room options to cater to the varying needs of its members.
The selection includes small meeting rooms ideal for closed-door one-on-one conversations, medium sized conference rooms with plenty of natural lighting and seating space, to large boardrooms perfect for group presentations. All meeting rooms come equipped with the latest audio-visual technology and comfortable furnishings, making them perfect for exclusive meetings or brainstorms with friends or co-workers. Whether you’re looking to host clients, brainstorm business concepts, or discuss intimate company strategies with your team – there is something available at Coworking in Preston UK that fits right in!

Coffee and Refreshments

Coffee and refreshment options are a must when it comes to choosing the right coworking space. Many spaces offer high-quality coffee and snacks that you can purchase to keep you energized during your workday. Look for spaces that serve premium coffees, teas, and healthy snacks like fruits and granola bars. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, make sure to check the menu of any workspace before signing up – some will provide a range of veggie-friendly snacks as part of their amenities.
Other beverages like juices, smoothies, and even craft beers may be on offer in certain coworking spaces – these are often included as part of memberships, so it’s worth looking into if your workday needs an extra boost of fuel!


Coworking spaces in Preston offer a variety of pricing structures depending on your budget. Some spaces offer monthly or weekly packages while others might offer pay-per-use or pay-as-you-go options. There are also different types of memberships available, such as private offices or team spaces. Let’s dive into the pricing structures and figure out which one is best suited for your specific needs.

Membership Fees

Various membership fees are available depending on the type of coworking space, rental length, preferred payment method and other associated benefits. Generally you can select from a range of short-term memberships with options to renew or extend your membership contract. Prices for coworking spaces vary from one location to another, but most offer flexible pricing plans which can be customised to each individual customer’s particular requirements. In addition, some coworkers offer budget and personal pricing plans in order to accommodate those who may have a more restrictive budget.
Most coworking spaces in Preston UK offer either an hourly or monthly access fee for users of their facility. Hourly rates may range from £3/hour and up depending on the hours requested and the type of membership member selected. Monthly access fees will typically range between £50/month and up depending on any additional amenities included in the space such as printing or phone services and any discounts offered upon signup or renewal of a contract. Discounts are often given for featuring specific companies or agreeing to long-term contracts with annual payment options available as well.

Hourly Rates

Finding the right coworking space for you can be difficult, particularly when you are trying to factor in the price! It is important to understand what different places offer and what you will be getting for your money. To make your search easier, here is some information about hourly rates at Preston’s best coworking spaces.
Coworking spaces in Preston can offer hourly rates to suit any budget – from luxury shared offices and day passes, to hot desking and monthly memberships. Prices are typically around £6–£10 per hour, depending on the services offered; more comprehensive packages usually come with a higher cost. Packages may include access to private meeting rooms, day passes to use partner facilities such as break-out rooms or cafes, and/or drinks packages. These extras are often marketed as ‘premium’ services, so it pays to investigate if they will be useful for you.
It’s also worth asking about discounts or loyalty rewards schemes – some places may offer low pricing for first-timers or long-term memberships at discounted rates. Ultimately, choosing a workspace all comes down to cost and your preferences for space and amenities – check out the reviews of each place and decide which option suits both your wallet and working patterns best!

Discounts and Promotions

One way to encourage your customers to buy more is through discounts and promotions. Discounts are percent or dollar amounts offered off of your normal prices, while promotions may include free products, gifts with purchase, special add-ons or bundles. Offering discounts and promotions at the right times can help you increase revenue, drive customer loyalty and grow your business.
Discounts can be a great way to entice existing and new customers to buy more from you. By offering a percentage off or a specific dollar amount at certain times or for certain items, you’re able to provide added value that helps customers feel like they’ve gotten a good deal. Discounts can be provided through online coupons or in-store promotions.
Another type of customer incentive are promotional offers. These are usually provided on particular items or as part of a bundle offer during special events such as holidays, anniversaries, or new product releases. You might offer free products with purchase (such as an extra item for the same price), add-ons like multi-packs, tiered discounts (higher purchases get greater discounts over lower purchases) and other special options that showcase the value of buying more from you.


After evaluating the various coworking spaces in Preston, it’s clear that there is an excellent selection of spaces available. Whether you need a dedicated desk, a private office, or a full-service workspace, there is a space which can meet your individual needs. Additionally, all of the coworking spaces in Preston offer competitive rates, friendly staff and the necessary amenities to get your work done efficiently.

Summary of Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces provide a valuable, shared work environment for people who want to maintain their independence while collaborating in a professional setting. With such spaces now being widely available, there are many benefits to be gained, such as access to numerous networking events and opportunities. Additionally, it can help increase productivity and creativity through the unique energy created from the surrounding members. Coworkers enjoy flexible terms and access to advanced tech amenities that simplify everyday tasks, enhancing workflows and decision-making sequences. Last but not least, coworking spaces deliver an innovative community vibe that refreshes your spirit in a fun and inspiring way.
In sum, the various benefits of coworking spaces are considerable. The Preston UK area offers coworkers community-focused amenities with competitive rates for those looking for a collaborative workspace with convenience and style.

Summary of Coworking Spaces in Preston

In summary, the best coworking spaces in Preston UK vary in size, features and amenities, but they all provide a great place to work with the added convenience of flexible membership plans and custom co-working packages. From quirky cafes to modern hipster offices, there is something for everyone’s needs. Whether youre looking for a digital nomad homebase or a place to connect with business professionals, Preston UK has an abundance of unique coworking spaces that have one thing in common – excellent environments for every kind of remote worker.