Best Coworking Spaces In Hove UK

Best Coworking Spaces In Hove

Whether you are a freelancer, new business, or established business looking for a new office space, coworking spaces in Hove UK provide a fantastic opportunity to work in a flexible yet professional work environment. With many different locations, plenty of amenities, as well as a vibrant atmosphere, Hove UK is an ideal place to consider for your office space. In this article, we will provide an overview of the best coworking spaces in Hove UK.

Definition of Coworking

Coworking is an arrangement in which several self-employed or remote workers share a common office space, typically on a short-term basis. It’s designed to provide independent professionals with an atmosphere that promotes collaboration and productivity. In comparison to traditional workplace arrangements, this type of collective working can offer members more freedom and flexibility while they benefit from the support network of their colleagues.
Coworking spaces offer amenities like shared workspaces, common materials such as whiteboards and equipment, access to resources like Wi-Fi and printer service, and perks such as snacks and coffee. Depending on the model of the workspace, some facilities may include unlimited access to private offices or meeting rooms, private phone calls in soundproof rooms, and even opportunities for networking events or exclusive programs. Coworking environments are typically more affordable than traditional office spaces because they are shared.

Coworking Spaces In Hove UK

Working from home can be lonely and uninspiring sometimes. That’s why coworking spaces have been gaining in popularity in recent years. They are a great way to get out of the house, meet other professionals, and work in a positive, productive environment. Here, we will be looking at some of the best coworking spaces in Hove UK.

The Werks

located in Hove train station in East Sussex, The Werks is a prime coworking space for both local and remote businesses. By blending convenience with comfort, the space offers an inspiring atmosphere to help productivity. It boasts 12 different workspaces including high-quality individual offices, social open spaces and shared resources.
The co-working space is equipped with modern amenities such as fast and reliable internet connection, lockable units with 24/7 access plus security cameras, multi-function printers and scanners, modern kitchen facilities with complimentary hot drinks and snacks all throughout the day. Additional benefits include use of TV screening rooms for groups or presentations, conference room hire with audio/visual disables equipment available plus access to a variety of both semi-private workstations. Whether needing a private office or looking for flexible rental terms The Werks has the perfect membership plan just for you.
For more information on rates and incentives please contact them directly or visit their website at

The Skiff

The Skiff is one of the best coworking spaces in Hove, UK. This modern, beautifully designed space provides the perfect atmosphere for collaborative working and networking. With access to high-speed internet, plenty of meeting rooms, ergonomic seating and hi tech facilities; The Skiff is an ideal venue to get work done while still feeling inspired.
The focus of The Skiff is on community; it’s a vibrant and welcoming place to socialize with other creatives and professionals. From weekly meetups to co-working hot desks available by the day, The Skiff offers an exciting range of flexible membership options designed to suit even the busiest of individuals.
Members have exclusive access to regular networking events; where they can hear from guest speakers, industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about entrepreneurship. As part of their membership package, members gain priority booking for these inspiring events as well as discounts at nearby food outlets – all essential ingredients for a productive day at work!

The Old Market

The Old Market is one of the best, and most vibrant coworking spaces in Hove. It is a business partnership that offers shared workspace across two floors set in a grade II listed building. The building maintains its authentic character with exposed ceilings, original features, and beautiful views of Hove seafront.
The Old Market has an extensive range of flexible working areas to suit individual needs. Whether you are looking for a private office or open plan workspace, there is an extensive list of options to choose from including hot desking and meeting rooms.
The space provides 24/7 access for members which makes it ideal for entrepreneurs who work unconventional hours… There is also free tea & coffee available all day long.
Aside from providing excellent working areas, the Old Market also offers a wide range of perks such as access to members-only events and discounts on nearby restaurants and cafes etc… These additional benefits make it one of the top coworking spaces in Hove UK.

The Fusebox

The Fusebox, located in the heart of Hove UK, is an inspiring, student-friendly and professional coworking space. It features modern décor and plenty of flexible working areas to choose from. This space offers free Wi-Fi, a selection of desks and meeting tables, complimentary tea & coffee as well as delegate packages that include use of projection and imaging equipment. At The Fusebox, you will discover all the resources you need to host events or launch your start-up in an amazing workspace with a cozy atmosphere. They also feature a fully stocked kitchen with refreshments and comfortable sitting areas for you to relax or collaborate with fellow coworking members. Additionally, their fantastic team provides exceptional customer service that is tailor made to ensure great productivity whether it be for work, collaboration or events. The Fusebox provides its users with total flexibility; their monthly memberships start from just £99 per month!

Benefits of Coworking

Coworking spaces offer a range of advantages over working from an office or a home setting. Coworking in a shared workspace setting provides you with a more collaborative environment that encourages creativity and productivity. There is also a greater sense of community and flexibility when it comes to choosing a workspace. Lastly, coworking spaces are often more cost-effective than traditional office space. These are just a few of the benefits of coworking that you will enjoy when you decide to start using a coworking space.

Increased Productivity

Coworking environments are designed to promote collaboration and innovation, which can lead to increased productivity. The layout encourages the exchange of ideas, enabling teams and individuals to collaborate on complex tasks, helping everyone reach their goals fast. Coworking also creates a sense of accountability, a sense that your peers are there for support and you for theirs. This can motivate employees to be more productive and increase their commitment to success.
The collaborative atmosphere of coworking spaces offers young professionals networking opportunities as fellow coworkers may teach one another new skills or share advice from their past experiences. Most co-working spaces also offer team activities that focus on problem-solving which allows diverse groups with different expertise come together to brainstorm a topic or project in an effective manner.
Coworking can also help improve work/ life balance by encouraging workers to take frequent breaks away from their screen and get outside without feeling guilty; instead of having lunch at your desk, you dine with like minded people in the communal area, giving you time away from your workstation and providing breathing space throughout the day – allowing you come back more energised.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is an essential component of entrepreneur success, and coworking spaces give members a great opportunity to network. These flexible workspaces are hubs for like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and innovators who can share resources and experiences as well as providing advice and encouragement. Working together in a professional space also allows like-minded entrepreneurs to learn from each other’s successes, recognize opportunities more quickly and collaborate more effectively.
Coworking also offers unparalleled access to professionals from different industries which can be incredibly beneficial for entrepreneurs. These connections are invaluable, allowing businesses to identify potential collaborators and partners, seek advice or gain access to new perspectives on a certain challenge they may face whether it’s operational or financial. Coworking also increases visibility by bringing people with shared interests into contact with one another in an accessible setting, making difficult introductions easier — so individuals can start building relationships while being productive at the same time.
At the same time, networking at coworking spaces can be useful when seeking new team members or freelancers as there are many talented individuals already inside a space working on their own projects who may be interested in taking part-time jobs or working on short term initiatives for other businesses within the space that require their skill set. Coworking spaces generally have an open community spirit — suited for those comforted by being surrounded by like minded peers — perfect for forging relationships both professionally and personally that neither participants had before joining the space!

Cost Savings

Coworking spaces can help individuals and small business owners drastically reduce their overhead costs. Working from home can easily become expensive, and going to the café a few times a week can add up quickly. Even renting a house or an office space on your own to operate from can be cost-prohibitive for many entrepreneurs. Coworking spaces offer all the amenities you need for running your business in an all-inclusive bundle – great infrastructure, comfortable workspaces, lightning-fast internet, state of the art audio/visual systems, meeting rooms etc., at a fraction of the cost. Your monthly fees cover all beverage costs that come with attending planned events and you get to network and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs while making use of state of the art tools that are simply not affordable alone.


Hove is quickly becoming a hub for workplace innovation, hosting a number of exciting workspaces for entrepreneurs and creatives. Coworking spaces provide the perfect opportunity to join a vibrant community where professionals can share ideas and learn from each other.
Whether you’re looking for open-plan areas or private offices, there’s sure to be an option that suits you in Hove. Plus, the city has enough cultural attractions and places to socialize so you’ll never get bored!
If you’re considering setting up in Hove and need somewhere to work then take advantage of the many options available. From creative hubs to boutique coworking spaces, there are plenty of locations that offer modern amenities with affordable monthly or flexible pay-as-you-go packages. Check out our comprehensive guide on the best coworking spaces in Hove UK now!