Best Coworking Spaces In Gateshead UK

Best Coworking Spaces In Gateshead

Gateshead is a town located on the opposite bank of the River Wear in England. It has a long history, with evidence of activity in the area going back to Roman times. The modern town is home to a thriving business community, thanks to its close proximity to Newcastle and other major cities in the region. With its vibrant cultural life and excellent transport links, Gateshead is an ideal place for businesses seeking office spaces outside of London and other major cities.
Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are looking for flexible work solutions that don’t involve renting traditional office space. These shared workspaces provide all the facilities needed for working from home or remotely, with added benefits such as high-speed internet access, easily accessible meeting rooms and cost savings compared to private office rentals.
Gateshead has plenty of great coworking spaces that offer top-of-the-line amenities and help businesses thrive. Whether you’re looking for somewhere affordable or want a swanky executive suite with every bell and whistle imaginable, here are some of the best coworking spaces in Gateshead UK that you should check out!

Coworking Spaces in Gateshead

Gateshead is home to a number of coworking spaces, which offer flexible and affordable space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. With a range of amenities and a range of sizes there are plenty of options available for those in search of a great place to work. In this article, we will look at the best coworking spaces in Gateshead UK and the features that set them apart.

The Workstation

The Workstation is an industrious coworking space located in the center of Gateshead, UK. This well-established business centre offers a variety of office options, ranging from private open plan offices to smaller, dedicated workspaces. Suitable for all business types, The Workstation offers both short and long-term bookings with flexible and affordable pricing.
The Space boasts a contemporary work environment combined with the latest technology and equipment. With comfortable decor, natural light and air conditioning throughout the building, members can enjoy an environment that encourages productivity and creativity. The inclusive workspace is sleek, modern and provides access to multiple meeting rooms in addition to office space.
Clients are offered access to superfast broadband with dedicated personnel available to help facilitate any tech needs; printing services; 24/7 security for added safety; refreshment areas for hot drinks; regular talks from external speakers as well as networking events; secretarial support; professional mail delivery services; on-site parking and bike security facilities – everything you could need from a workplace!
The picturesque town of Gateshead provides the ideal location for this nurturing coworking space. Located on the banks of the Tyne River and nestled between Newcastle and Sunderland – both buzzing cities bursting with activity – Gateshead is perfectly placed to allow easy access both within the UK as well as by train or plane into Europe. With its pedestrian bridge across the river leading into Newcastle, this thriving town is seen by many as a creative hub filled with inspiration awaiting discovery!

The Hive

The Hive is a purpose-built modern coworking space in Gateshead, UK. It features an open-plan layout with dedicated areas for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as drop-in hotdesking areas and multiple meeting rooms.
Designed to be both functional and beautiful, The Hive offers natural light throughout and plenty of green plants for extra inspiration. Plus it boasts a closely knit community of likeminded creatives who are always on the lookout for interesting business opportunities.
Facilities at The Hive include private phone booths, wireless internet connectivity, free parking, full toilet facilities, tea/coffee machines, storage lockers and support from in-house staff who can provide advice on company growth strategies. The desks in the work area have adjustable heights allowing users to sit or stand whilst working.
The Hive also offers a range of memberships so that users can manage their costs accordingly. It is open seven days a week from 8am until 5pm Monday through Friday; however additional evening hires may be available by arrangement if required.

The Generator

The Generator Gateshead is located in the media quarter of the town and is full of creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), and individuals working in an inspiring environment. With meeting rooms, event spaces, conference facilities, private offices, and break-out areas available for rent as well as open workstations to just drop by – The Generator offers a variety of possibilities to suit everyone’s needs.
Located inside this coworking space you will find more than just desks: A fully equipped kitchen is available with a microwave and a refrigerator so that everyone can prepare their own food while they take advantage of the showers to freshen up during the day. Complimentary tea and coffee can also be enjoyed at anytime – making sure to keep productivity up!
Weather working on your laptop or need somewhere to meet with friends or catch an important business lunch – The Generator has several communal areas with comfortable chairs at hand so that you can socialize or simply relax.
The goal of this building is simple: To provide fantastic office space for people who are looking for cost-effective rental solutions either short-term or long term within Gateshead. This facility shares the commitment to strengthening customer relations by providing unparalleled services with helpful staff always around in case help would be needed with anything.

The Foundry

The Foundry is a coworking space for members catering to freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for an energetic and inspiring workspace in Gateshead. What sets the Foundry apart from the competition is its flexible and affordable membership plans, with options for both short-term and long-term use.
The Foundry provides a variety of amenities including shared work areas, private work rooms, meeting rooms, individual desks, breakout spaces, showers, printing facilities and kitchen facilities. Members also benefit from unlimited access to superfast WiFi and telephone lines for Skype calls as well as access to a range of modern business equipment such as Apple computers.
In addition to its physical facilities, The Foundry provides an inspiring creative environment through monthly networking events that bring together members to network with likeminded professionals; talks on industry topics delivered by inspiring visiting speakers; workshops teaching specific skills; free drinks and snacks in the communal outdoor area; discounts on services offered by local businesses; and discounts on special classes run by experts in related fields.
These benefits come at an ultra-competitive price – memberships start at £49+VAT per month – which makes it a great option for freelancers or short-term contractors looking for a base while they are getting established in Gateshead.

The Bridge

The Bridge is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Gateshead, UK. Located in a modern and inviting environment, The Bridge offers a range of services to help promote creativity, collaboration and productivity.
Designed for freelancers and small businesses alike, The Bridge provides a range of desk space for any kind of work need. Amenities include high speed internet, telecoms facilities and print services. Guests can benefit from the access to the break room or even rent meeting or conference rooms when needed.
Rather thanjust having desk space, members can have the choice to become part of their community with networking events in their lounge area. This space includes flat-screen sofas where you can relax while still taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi or collaborate amongst members on ideas and projects. The offices also hold yoga classes every month which allow people to destress while maintaining productivity levels throughout their session time with The Bridge.
For those seeking support on running or expanding their business in Gateshead UK, The Bridge have professional business-consultants ready to assist the needs for anyone stepping into entrepreneurship within this area. Finally there is 24/7 access arrangements available giving you complete freedom over your working hours to take full advantage all that The Bridge has to offer at anytime that suits your needs best.

The Loft

The Loft is located in the city center of Gateshead and is a modern coworking space with an industrial style. It offers members a comfortable and stimulating work environment with bespoke design features reflecting the dynamism of Gateshead.
The space hosts a range of different events and functions, from showcase days to social gatherings. The Loft offers various packages to suit any budget or coworking need from private closed-off offices to large meeting rooms and hot desks.
The workspace also has its own shop offering members snacks, drinks, stationery and other essentials for long days at work. Members can benefit from free Wifi, breakout areas for networking and collaboration, kitchen spaces with tea and coffee facilities as well as optional extras such as video conferencing equipment rental – perfect for remote calls and meetings.
This inspiring workspace also has its own library of inspiring titles collected by the owners that members are welcome to browse through on their break times or while they wait for meetings. An art wall displays pieces submitted by local artists giving the office an extra burst of creativity throughout each day.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking is becoming an increasingly popular trend in many cities around the world, and Gateshead is no exception. Coworking spaces offer various benefits for those who decide to take advantage of them.
Firstly, coworking spaces are great for people who are looking for a productive working environment as they are free from the everyday distractions of home and the office. The nature of coworking spaces also allows for increased collaboration as people can see and interact with other members within the same space. They also provide comfortable seating and access to amenities such as meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, printing facilities, kitchens and in some cases even training workshops or classes on weekends.
Another benefit that come with using a coworking space is access to different networks or communities at no extra cost. Through these networks, important contacts can be made that could prove beneficial to one’s business in the long run. Furthermore, using a coworking space doesn’t require any long-term commitment, which makes it a convenient spot for freelancers or remote workers who travel frequently in terms of location flexibility. Finally, it can often work out more cost effective than renting office space over a period of time due to their usual pay-as-you go system that allows you access the shared services such as wifi already provided at the coworking space.
Taking all this into consideration, it is easy to see why so many individuals choose these modern work environments over traditional offices. For anyone seeking increased productivity through networking opportunities and flexible hours amidst an engaging atmosphere – Gateshead’s selection of co-working spaces may just fit the bill!


Choosing the best coworking space for your needs can be a tricky task. Each entrepreneur will have their own unique needs, which may be driven by budget, the proximity to public transportation or restaurant amenities. Furthermore, considerations such as the culture of the office space and the size of any potential community should also factor into any selection decision.
In Gateshead UK there is a wide range of coworking spaces available. In particular, Cross Lanes Coworking Spaces offer affordable prices for businesses seeking space in an inspirational and creative business hub in the heart of Gateshead town centre. Railhouse North is also a great choice for those looking for high-end amenities and luxury including gym facilities and conference room access, while Headspace Newcastle provides an inspiring and connected community based around co-working in a modern office environment. Finally, BizFlat provides excellent value to businesses seeking flexible leases with opportunities to rent office spaces on a weekly basis at incredibly competitive rates.
Whichever coworking space is chosen from this list, business owners in Gateshead UK are sure to make an inspired choice that fits their needs precisely.