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Sometimes traveling isn’t about checking tourist attractions off a list but more about getting to know the people and for a short period of time becoming local and start acting like it. Bucharest has lots of beautiful places to be seen and stories to be heard if you choose to go off the beaten tracks. Just grab your pack and let yourself get lost in the tremble of the city. This way you will get a better understanding of it and have great memories to share when you get back home.

You should start your day at Origo, it has the best coffee in Bucharest and is located in the Old Town so in the middle of the city thus becoming the perfect point from where to start your journey. Here you will get a chance to choose what you want to do for the day.

If you really want to see Bucharest for what it is, with no face lifts or touristy experiences, then you should try a real life walking tour through one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city- Pantelimon. It was built as a bedroom neighborhood during the industrialization period of the communist era and it was designed just to accommodate workers at night. Today the industry is gone and Pantelimon found itself another identity. Here is the place where hip hop was introduced to Romania. The tour starts each day at 11 at Costin Georgian Metro Station and costs 13 euros.

Another interesting tour that I stumbled upon is Outcast Bucharest and what makes it unique is that your guide will be a former homeless man. He will present the city through the eyes of a person for whom the streets were everything so who better than him to tell their stories? While participating in this tour you also get a chance to donate to a local NGO that supports programs so that the homeless can fit into society by pursuing their studies and getting a job. Your guide will take you through the beautiful side of the city but will tell the stories that no tourist brochure displays. So if you`re in for some insights from the streets this is the tour for you.

If you are into urban art then Bucharest has what you want to see. The Alternative tour organized by the Interesting Times Bureau takes you to see the novelties in street art, fashion and some historical gems in one of the best preserved areas of the city.

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